Writing on the Wall with Photoshop’s Vanishing Point

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The new Vanishing Point tool is pretty cool. It can save you a lot of time from messing with Free Transform, and the Clone Tool feature is unbeatable. In this tutorial, I’ll show you some of the basics of Vanishing Point.

Step 1

I started with this photo of downtown Chicago (PhotoSpin #1030043). My goal is going to be to replace “CHICAGO” with “PHOTOSHOPLAB.”

screen capture

Step 2

Start by duplicating the layer (for reference and a backup) by pressing Command/Ctrl + J. Bring up Vanishing Point by pressing Command/Ctrl + Option/Alt + V or Filter > Vanishing Point.

screen capture

Step 3

The Create Plane Tool should be selected by default. If not, select it. This will allow you to draw your Vanishing Point grid. It works like drawing a square, so start by clicking on one of the corners of what you want to outline, for me, it will be the blue on the wall. Drag and click on all 4 corners to create the grid.

screen capture

Step 4

To remove “CHICAGO” I’m going to select the Stamp Tool S. The brush size is set default to 100, which is too large for me. So I’ll shrink it a little bit. Now, use the Stamp Tool just like you would if you weren’t in Vanishing Point. Option/Alt – click on the area you want to sample, then click on the area you want to edit.

screen capture

Step 5

Set “Heal” to “On” to allow the Stamp Tool to work like the Healing Brush tool.

screen capture

Step 6

Now to add my own text. I started by choosing a relatively similar font and color.

screen capture

Step 7

Rasterize the type layer Layer > Rasterize > Type.

To make the text blend a little better, I added some texture by goingFilter > Texture > Texturizer and choosing a Canvas Texture. I choose Canvas because the Brick texture was too large in comparison to the existing brick.

screen capture

Step 8

Hold Command/Ctrl and click on the text layer thumbnail to select it. Press Command/Ctrl + C to copy the layer and pressCommand/Ctrl + D to deselect.

Create a new layer Command/Ctrl + Shift + N and hide your text layer.

Bring up Vanishing Point again Command/Ctrl + Option/Alt + Vand your grid should still be there. Press Command/Ctrl + V to paste your text selection.

screen capture

Step 9

Drag your select over the grid and watch it transform to the angle of the building.

Select the Transform Tool T to reshape the text to fit.

screen capture

Step 10

Press OK when you’re done.

screen capture

Step 11

Set the Layer Mode to Overlay and reduce the Opacity slightly to make it blend.

screen capture

And that’s about it. Pretty cool feature.

screen capture

screen capture

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